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Let Federal Electric handle your ceiling fan installation.

A way to cool off is pretty essential when you live in Florida. Ceiling fans circulate the air in your room, so that even when it is hot outside you feel much cooler. To install a ceiling fan in your house, call Federal Electric at (239) 673-8247 today.

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Ceiling Fan Installation FAQs

How much does it cost to have an electrician install a ceiling fan?

It costs around $150 - $400 to have an electrician install a ceiling fan. The price can vary depending on: 

  • The type of fan you want installed. 
  • If you are replacing an existing fan. 
  • If you want lights and dimming features installed.

When it comes to installing a fan, it will usually be cheaper to have a ceiling fan installed when a ceiling fan or a light already exists where you want your new ceiling fan installed. To get a ceiling fan installed in your home, contact us today

How hard is it to replace a ceiling fan?

It is fairly simple to replace a ceiling fan with the same type of fan. However, the replacement becomes more difficult if you are replacing your old fan with a newer or heavier fan, or want to also install lights with your ceiling fan. If you are replacing your fan with the same type of fan, all of the supports and wiring will already be in place so the replacement should be fairly easy if you have the correct electrical knowledge. To get a ceiling fan installed, call us today

Is it dangerous for a ceiling fan to wobble?

It can be dangerous for a ceiling fan to wobble, depending on what the cause is. Ceiling fans will typically wobble slightly, but should not be wobbling excessively, especially when they are off. If you turn off your fan and you are able to move it back and forth, that may indicate that there is an issue with the fan’s mount. Regardless of what is causing your ceiling fan to wobble, you should turn off your ceiling fan and have the problem addressed before you continue using your fan. To get your ceiling fan repaired, give us a call today.  

How do I ensure the ceiling fan is balanced?

To ensure a ceiling fan is balanced, first, check that all blades are securely attached and at equal distances from the ceiling. If wobbling persists, use a balancing kit, which typically includes weights and a clip. Attach the clip to different blades to identify the unbalanced one. Once identified, move the clip along the blade to find the precise imbalance location. Affix the included weights to the top of the blade in this spot to balance. Repeat adjustments as necessary until the fan operates smoothly without wobbling.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are cooling powerhouses that let you start reaping their benefits immediately. Some perks of having a ceiling fan in your room include:

  • Feeling Cool- Fans circulate air, making occupants feel cooler. Studies by the US Department of Energy show that just running a ceiling fan can make the temperature feel up to four degrees cooler.
  • Lower Costs- When the fan runs it feels cooler inside, giving your AC a break. This can save on energy expenses.
  • Keeping You Warm- Yep, you read that right. In winter, setting your ceiling fans to run clockwise can make your home feel warmer. Because warm air rises and settles near the ceiling, fans set in reverse help to push that warm air downward.

Let Us Install Your Ceiling Fan

If you are interested in having a ceiling fan installed, contact Federal Electric. Residents in the Tampa and Sarasota areas choose us because of our:

  • Licensed Electricians- Our technicians are highly trained professionals who will install your fan the right way, up to code and safely.
  • Attention to Detail- We make sure that the fan is perfectly balanced so there is no wobbling when turned on. Also, we make sure not to leave any gaps in the ceiling for a professional look.
  • Flat-Rate Upfront Pricing- We promise there will be no surprises when you get our bill.
  • Impeccable Service- We provide first class workmanship in our commitment to our customers. Our service is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

If you need a ceiling fan or other electrical installation, call Federal Electric today at (239) 673-8247.

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