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Let Federal Electric take care of installing your home’s switches.

Switches in your home control the electricity and lights. They are an important feature that, with their ease of use, can sometimes be taken for granted. However, properly wiring switches is vital to the safety of your home and efficiency of your electric use. Federal Electric employs highly trained and certified electricians that can help with switch installations, ensuring your home turns on and off the way it should safely.

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Do you need an electrician to install a light switch?

Yes, you should always have a professional electrician install your light switches. An electrician will ensure that your project is done accurately, safely and effectively, whether it is repairing an old or defective switch, installing a switch to operate a freshly wired fixture, upgrading to a light switch with unique capabilities or just switching out switches to fit a new color scheme.

What are the 3 types of switches used in residential electrical?

Single-Pole Switch: This switch is your basic general-purpose switch and is regarded as the "workhorse" of switches. It is used to operate a light, outlet or other device from a single location. Single-pole toggle switches frequently have "on and off" marks that other switches do not have.

Three-Way Switch: Three-way switches are always used in groups of two. They provide control of a light or receptacle from two distinct points in the space, such as two separate entryways. Because the locations of these switches vary as they are utilized, they cannot have on/off marks.

Double-Pole Switch: The double-pole switch is most commonly used in industrial settings, although it may also be found in home electrical systems. A double-pole switch, like the single-pole switch explained above, has on/off indications and controls equipment or fixtures from a single position. A double-pole switch, however, also contains four hot brass terminals as well as a ground terminal.

What are the common types of electrical switches?

Other frequently used switches, in addition to the three primary home switches described above, include:

Light Dimmer / Stepless Regulator: Used to control or adjust the speed of a fan or, in some cases, the intensity of light from brilliant to dim. Previously existing regulators rotated in steps, each step signifying a different degree of fan speed, but the Light Dimmer/Stepless Regulator allows you to freely rotate it without any stages or levels.

Bell Push Switch: A doorbell is linked to a Bell Push switch. When the switch is pressed, the bell linked to it rings. It may be utilized in homes, offices or any other location where it is needed.

Switch Options

If you are considering replacing the switches in your house or are looking to install a new switch, there are a number of different types for you to choose from, including:

  • Standard Toggle- Your basic switch, this type is manually pushed up or down by a mechanical handle.
  • Dimmer- Similar to a toggle switch, dimmer switches feature a slider that allows you to adjust how bright your light will be.
  • 3-Way- This type of switch gives control of a fixture to multiple locations in a single room.
  • 4-Way- Just like the three-way switch but with another toggle added.
  • Programmable- These switches allow you to have more control over when and how your lights turn on and off. You can set timers to turn lights on or off after a set amount of time and more.
  • Remote- Remote control switches are typically able to be controlled through Bluetooth connected apps and can help you turn plugged devices on and off remotely.
  • Motion Detector- These switches contain a motion detection element that allows them to switch themselves on and off based on perceived motion within a room.

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If you are interested in switch installation services for your home, contact Federal Electric. Residents in the Tampa and Sarasota areas choose us because of our:

  • Licensed Electricians- Our technicians are highly trained professionals who will install your switch the right way, up to code and safely.
  • Attention to Detail- We make sure that all switches are installed correctly the first time, functioning how you want them to with no issues.
  • Flat-Rate Upfront Pricing- We promise there will be no surprises when you get our bill.
  • Impeccable Service- We provide first class workmanship in our commitment to our customers. Our service is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

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