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Call Federal Electric for recessed lighting installation.

Are you considering adding recessed lighting to your home? Then you should consider calling Federal Electric! We are experienced and knowledgeable in many different lighting options for your home, including recessed. Call us today for a free quote! We proudly serve the Tampa and Sarasota areas.

What is the difference between recessed lighting and can lights?

There is no difference between recessed lighting and can lights because they are the same type of light fixture. Can lights and recessed lighting are both names for the type of lighting that involves a can shaped fixture mounted in the ceiling. If you are searching for a fixture that has a smooth appearance and can fit into any room, you can find it by searching recessed lighting or can lights. To get recessed lighting installed in your home, give us a call today.

What are the benefits of recessed lighting near Cape Coral?

Some of the benefits of getting recessed lighting in Cape Coral, FL include: 

  • They take up less space. 
  • They are a safer option compared to hanging lights.
  • They make a room feel brighter. 

Recessed lights are a great way to switch up the lighting style in your home, especially because the design will not become outdated like other light fixtures. Additionally, with recessed lighting, you do not have to worry about them building up dust or getting broken as easily. To get recessed lighting installed in your home, contact us today.

How much does recessed lighting cost near Cape Coral?

It costs around $250-$500 per fixture to have recessed lighting installed in Cape Coral, FL. Some things that can affect the overall price include: 

  • The type of trim. 
  • The type of light bulbs. 
  • The electrician’s hourly rate. 

Another thing that will cause the price to increase would be if you also want a dimming option included in your recessed lighting. To find out more about getting recessed lighting installed in your home, call Federal Electric today.

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Potential Areas for Recessed Lighting

Are you familiar with how recessed lighting works, but are not quite sure if it is the right option for your house? We can help. We consult regularly with our clients on different lighting solutions. Some recessed lighting methods that our clients have installed include:

  • A dimmer to provide versatility to multi-purpose rooms like a den, playroom or office.
  • Accent lighting to highlight more contemporary spaces.
  • Task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms to maximize visibility.
  • Spotlighting walls or decor to focus attention on a particular item or area.
  • Downlighting to subtly brighten a room without overdoing it.

The Leaders in Recessed Lighting Installation

If you have questions or would like a free quote on recessed lighting, call Federal Electric. We are experts in all things electric, including lighting. Federal Electric also strives to provide the best customer service in many ways, including:

  • Flat-Rate Upfront Pricing- You will never get a surprise bill from us. We offer free quotes on all services and upfront pricing. We also provide financing if needed.
  • Professional Service- Our technicians are highly trained and licensed to serve you. We provide first class workmanship on all of our services, whether it is a simple installation or complicated display.
  • Respect & Dedication- We respect our clients by showing up on time and keeping all spaces clean and tidy. We will also walk through all procedures to make sure you know and understand what is going on at all times. We will answer any questions you have and guarantee our installation services 100%.

If you are located in the Tampa or Sarasota area and would like to talk about recessed lighting options, call us today at (239) 673-8247.

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