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Let Federal Electric install your home’s outlets.

We use electrical devices regularly and are constantly plugging and unplugging in our homes. Over time our home’s outlets might need an upgrade. For outlet replacement and installation, Federal Electric can help. We have proudly served the areas in and around Tampa and Sarasota for over 12 years, assisting with all electric services. Call us today!

How much does it cost to install a plug socket?

It costs around $150-$300 to install a plug socket. Although, the price can vary due to: 

  • The type of plug socket. 
  • Whether it is an indoor or outdoor plug socket.
  • The contractor’s hourly rate. 

Generally, it will cost more to have a plug socket installed if it is an outdoor plug socket or requires an upgrade to a GFCI or AFCI outlet. To learn more about getting a plug socket installed in your home, call us today.

How hard is it to install an electrical outlet?

It is fairly complex to install an electrical outlet versus replacing one since an installation requires new wiring. If your outlet simply needs to be replaced, you may be able to perform the replacement yourself. However, if you are installing an entirely new electrical outlet, you will need the correct tools, electrical experience and knowledge of electrical code. To find out more about getting your electrical outlet installed, give us a call today.

How many outlets can you add to an existing outlet?

The amount of outlets you can add to an existing circuit will depend largely on the type of circuit you have. Generally, it is recommended that you do not have more than eight outlets and switches on a 15-amp circuit. However, to be certain of the exact amount of outlets and lights you can have on your electrical circuit, you should have a licensed electrician evaluate it for you. To get a new electrical outlet installed in your home, contact us today.

How long will my power be off when I add an outlet?

The duration of a power outage when adding an outlet is typically minimal. It involves shutting off power to the specific circuit during installation, often for just a short period. If done by a professional electrician, the interruption can be brief, and they may coordinate the work to minimize inconvenience. However, the exact duration depends on factors like the complexity of the installation and any unforeseen issues. It's recommended to consult with your electrician for a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation.

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No matter when you need us, we’ll be here to meet your electrical service needs!

Outlet Changes

Reasons homeowners might consider outlet replacements include:

  • Faulty outlets that are not working or are cracked should be replaced immediately.
  • Upgrading outlets- A common upgrade for homeowners is to change from a standard 2-prong outlet to a grounded 3-prong outlet.
  • GFCI outlets which are grounded and need to be placed near water or moisture receptacles in the house.
  • Floor outlets which provide electrical access to the middle of a room without running a cord or cable across the floor.
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles prevent the insertion of foreign objects into the outlet and are great for childproofing purposes.
  • A different location is needed and the outlet needs to be moved.

Call us today for your outlet installation!

If you are considering replacing an outlet, call Federal Electric and have the professionals take care of it. We are experts in all areas of electric installation. Federal Electric strives to provide the best customer service in many ways, including:

  • Flat-Rate Upfront Pricing– You will never get a surprise bill from us. We offer free quotes on all services and upfront pricing. We also provide financing if needed.
  • Professional Service– Our technicians are highly trained and licensed to serve you. We provide first class workmanship on all of our services, whether it is a simple fix or complicated repair.
  • Respect & Dedication– We respect our clients by showing up on time and keeping all spaces clean and tidy. We will also walk through any repair process and procedure to make sure you know and understand what is going on at all times. We will answer any questions you have and guarantee our repair services 100%.

Do you have an outlet that needs attention in the Tampa or Sarasota area? Call Federal Electric at (239) 673-8247. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Call us today!

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