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Let the professionals at Federal Electric help with your generator installation.

Living in Florida means dealing with the occasional hurricane. Even if the hurricane eye misses your home, the power in your area could be knocked out for days or even weeks. Residents in the Tampa and Sarasota areas often opt to have a generator installed in case their home loses power. But hooking up a generator is more than just plugging a device in. For expert technicians to help install your generator, call Federal Electric today.

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What is Involved in Installation

Generators have different capabilities and sizes. Depending on the size, type and how much electricity it can generate, the generator needs to be installed in a particular way. Some factors that go into a generator installation include:

  • Assessment of energy needs- How big is the building and what are you powering in the building? There are permanent generator units that power the entire house, and there are portable units that power only a few major appliances. What type of generator you are looking for will determine what kind of installation you need.
  • Site preparation- For a permanent unit, a concrete site prepared in advance is required.
  • Improvement of electrical panel, installation of transfer switch and new wiring- The electrician will need to make sure that all of your home’s electrical components are ready for the use of a generator and may recommend an electrical panel upgrade if needed.
  • Permits and permissions- There are codes and permits that need to be maintained with which an electrician can assist.

Federal Electric: Generator Experts

If you are considering the purchase of a generator but have questions, call the experts at Federal Electric. We have proudly served the Tampa and Sarasota areas for over 12 years, and have seen our fair share of power outages. Generator installation and upkeep are a part of our Florida business. We have the training and knowledge to advise you on the best type of generator for your situation.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our impeccable work is performed right the first time and at a reasonable cost. We also provide flat-rate upfront pricing, so there won’t be any surprise costs when your generator is installed and you get the bill. We offer financing options to let you determine what the best payment option is for you.

Call today for more information on generators, or to schedule a consultation on installing one in your home. We are available at (239) 673-8247.

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