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Expert Residential & Commercial Electricians in Nokomis, FL

Are you facing electrical challenges at your residence or business in Nokomis, FL? Federal Electric, with over twelve years of experience, is your reliable partner for all electrical needs. Our licensed professionals are committed to delivering top-notch services with a focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Electrical Repair Services in Nokomis, FL

At Federal Electric, we understand the importance of a fully functional electrical system. Our expert electricians offer a range of repair services tailored to meet your specific needs:

Electrical Panels

From replacing circuit breakers to rewiring panels, we ensure your electrical panel functions optimally for the safety of your home or business.

Home Lighting

We address issues ranging from flickering fluorescents to malfunctioning switches, ensuring your lighting systems are reliable.

Home Rewiring

If your home’s wiring needs an upgrade, our team has the expertise to handle comprehensive rewiring projects.

Smart Home Systems

Experience seamless technology integration with our smart home system repair services.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Keep your electric vehicle on the road with our expert repair services for charging stations.

Home Appliances

From hot water heaters to dishwashers, we handle repairs to ensure your appliances operate efficiently.

Electrical Installation Services in Nokomis, FL

Federal Electric is your go-to partner for efficient and safe electrical installations. Our installation services include:


Prevent breaker trips by having new circuits installed by our expert technicians.

Electrical Panels

Upgrade or replace panels in older homes for improved safety and compliance.

Ceiling Fans

Enhance energy efficiency and comfort with professional ceiling fan installations.


Invest in a reliable power backup solution with our generator installation services.

Recessed Lighting

Improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and value with effective recessed lighting installations.

Smart Home Systems

Upgrade your home’s functionality with the latest technology and our expert installations.


Replace outdated switches for improved safety and efficiency.

Whole House Surge Protection

Safeguard your electronic devices from power surges with our professional installation services.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Ensure safe and efficient charging for your electric vehicle with our expert installation services.

24/7 Electrical Emergency Service in Nokomis, FL

Federal Electric is committed to addressing your emergency electrical needs promptly and effectively in Nokomis and surrounding areas, including Tampa and Sarasota. Contact us 24/7 for emergency situations such as:

  • Unidentified burning odors.
  • Hot switches or outlets.
  • Persistent circuit breaker trips.
  • Constant flickering lights.
  • Buzzing sounds from outlets or switches.
  • Electrical shocks.
  • Damp electrical panels.
  • Partial power loss.

Why Choose Federal Electric?

  • Upfront Pricing: We offer free quotes and transparent pricing, ensuring no surprise bills. Additionally, we provide financing options for your convenience.
  • Professional Service: Our licensed technicians deliver top-notch workmanship for all your repair and installation needs.
  • Respect & Dedication: Punctuality, cleanliness, and transparency are our hallmarks. We keep you informed throughout the process, answer your questions, and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Federal Electric, our commitment to customer service makes us Nokomis’s trusted electrician. We respect your time, maintain a clean working environment, and ensure transparency in our services.

Read reviews from some of our satisfied clients below and call us at to schedule electrical services in Nokomis, FL, today.

How much does it cost to have a light fixture installed near Nokomis?

The average cost of installing a light fixture in the Nokomis area is around $522. The price of light fixture installation typically ranges from $151 to $894. Small, basic fixtures can cost as low as $75 to $100, but chandeliers and other elaborate arrangements can cost up to $2,200.

Because the amount of space required by a fixture varies significantly, you should double-check these measurements before making any purchases. An electrician should also check that the electrical needs of the fixture are compatible with the power supply available at that location.

How do I know if my house circuit breaker is blown near Nokomis?

If your circuit breaker has gone bad, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • The electrical panel emits a burning odor.
  • The circuit breaker is quite hot to the touch.
  • There are burnt components, frayed wires and clear indications of wear.
  • The breaker doesn't remain in "Reset" mode.

In order to remedy the issue 1) Determine the breaker and the devices it protects. 2) Unplug all appliances and devices connected to that breaker. 3) Reset the circuit breaker. You may accomplish this by firmly pressing the breaker into the ON position. Then, to discover the problem, watch how the circuit breaker performs next. If the breaker does not trip immediately but does trip when your appliances are plugged back in and turned on, you have one of two problems. Either a short circuit or an electrical overload.

How much does it cost to install a whole house generator near Nokomis?

Backup generators can be portable or standby. Portable generators may be moved around, whereas whole house standby generators are permanently fixed in one location. On average, the cost of a whole house generator ranges from $1,000 to $6,000. Prices might reach $10,000, but you don't have to pay that much to obtain a reliable whole house generator.

How can I add an outlet to my home in Nokomis, FL?

To add an outlet to your home, start by planning and determining the location and purpose of the new outlet. Prior to any work, ensure safety by switching off the power at the circuit breaker. Identify a nearby power source, typically an existing outlet or junction box, by tracing the wiring. Use a wallboard saw to cut an opening for the new outlet box. Connect a new electrical cable from the power source to the desired outlet location. Mount an electrical box and install the new outlet, following wiring guidelines to connect and secure the wires. Finally, turn on the power and test the new outlet. If uncertain, seek assistance from a qualified electrician.

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